40 cl, 47% vol.

Price per lt - €160


You are getting a WBOX, the hottest whisky box / humidor with 4 x 10 cl of Blended Malts.


Our Malt Chaser, Selim has been blending some amazing single malts to bring you these regional malts that reflect the underlying regional characteristics from Islands, Highlands, Speyside and Lowland. This is the second time in Chapter 7™'s history  that we chose not to put an age on the front print but no harm in mentioning that the minimum age in these malts is 5 years old. Some great distilleries' malts were put to use to bring these beast to life. Great daily drams that you can always come back to.


Islands Blended Malt - 10 cl, 49% ABV

Salty, fresh maritime influence on the nose. Soft and sweet peat with smoke, honey, liquorice and pepper on the palate.


Highlands Blended Malt - 10 cl 46.8% ABV

Sweet, than floral, light barley and honeyed tones on the nose. Spicy with raisin, milky cereals and fudge on the palate.


Speyside Blended Malt - 10 cl 46% ABV

Spiced, sweet character with delicious vanilla on the nose. Stewed fruit, Christmas pudding, dark chocolate on the palate. 


Lowland Blended Malt - 10 cl 46.2% ABV

Citrus, herbal and floral on the nose. Cane sugar, mixed spices, thyme, peaches on the palate. 

Regional Malts in WBOX