Not everybody gets a chance to turn a hobby in to their occupation. Chapter 7™ was realised exactly doing that. I was inspired by my Scottish grandfather's love for whisky when I was a teenager. I decided to create a brand in 2013 when I had a break from my previous business. After 18 months of preparations, Chapter 7™ was born in July 2014.
We are an independent bottler. We don't produce but hunt for whiskies from different distilleries and bottle the ones that are extraordinary. We like to think of our casks and editions as chapters in a whisky anthology. Number 7 was inspired by Shakespeare's play "As you like it" which starts with a monologue called "seven ages of man". The speech compares the world to a stage and life to a play, and catalogues the seven stages of a man's life. It's kind of similar to whisky changing its personality with wood crafting its magic over the years in a subtly distinctive way. 
Chapter 7™ doesn't have a long heritage in whisky business. Our bottling choices are not driven by whisky stocks or what sells faster. We like experimenting and surprises and sometimes take risks to reveal atypical whiskies. We bottle whiskies from single casks (barrels) and sometimes we create small batches by vatting two to three casks. Most of the time our whiskies are cask strength and we don't use chill-filtering or colouring to keep all of the characteristics of the whisky untouched. Although majority of our editions are single malt Scotch, we've been bottling some exceptional Irish single malts, single grain and blended malt Scotch whiskies.
Some independent bottlers seek the much-sought “big name” whiskies to bottle. We act as a spotlight for lesser-known distillery casks with exceptional quality and character. Our Tormore Distillery 1995 Single Cask edition is a good example for which Jim Murray expresses his surprise by quoting “Tormore...? Really....? I mean really...???”. 
From the moment we make a degustation of potential whiskies for bottling, all our partners come in to action to support us in realising the finished product. We have several whisky experts that approve the final selection. Between the selection and putting our products on the shelf, we collaborate with fifteen different suppliers, service providers and trade partners. 
We will continue studiously selecting whiskies that stand out in the crowd and 2019 will be a year of international expansion and online exposure. Our range will expand with innovative blended malts, a wider range of single casks and a new range of ongoing small batch single malt editions to take Chapter 7™ to the next level.
Selim Evin



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